Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Cares What the Calendar Says...

Spring is so close we can taste it. Makes no difference that there were giant snow flakes today. Made us think of all the amazing navy and white outfits out there. Didn't matter that it was cold - made us realize how cool we'll look in the new maxi dresses that are arriving.

Want your own little taste of what's in the store...

What's your must have for the Spring?

Fashion Fun!!

Angela & Staff

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Beauty IS More Than Skin Deep

It's a sad fact but it's true - at some point we all have to start taking a little bit more time with our skin care regimen. I was delighted to start using and ultimately carrying the product line for Votre Vu.

If you're not familiar with Votre Vu, it's a line of skin care products from France that has been on the market for over 80 years and recently received the attention of US business man, Harold Zimmerman. They worked with a creative team to rebrand and had a soft "re"launch in September, 2008.

If you're as serious about your skin and health as you are about your fashion (and if you're reading this, you probably are) - visit us in Thruway Center and we'll show you the full line of Votre Vu products!

Fashion Fun!!

Angela & Staff

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Splash of Red in a Sea of Grey

Yes.. we know. Grey is the big color of the season. It's been the big buzz all season long.

We like grey. We have nothing against grey. It goes with a lot of great pieces. But sometimes a girl just needs some color.

Like this... we LOVE these dresses.. one is as red can be and the other is blue. Both rock and would be amazing pieces for the upcoming holiday party season.

This red dress will stop traffic (isn't that what red does?). We paired it with the absolutely beautiful and GIANT white beaded necklace made by the one and only Lori Snyder!

Another beautiful choice for the season is this blue dress from Mimzi will leave them speechless. The way it hugs but drapes in the sleeves. It's almost poetic.

What's your favorite item for the holidays? Have a favorite piece and need some help putting things with it? Bring it in! We love to play dress up!

Angela and Staff

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh the things you'll see!!

We had an amazing night for our Grand Opening and Sip & Shop with skirt! Magazine last month. It was great to hang out with Sara Wilson and Lisa Marie Fields - both from skirt!. Our clients who had not been to the new store were able to see it and it was just FUN! to hang out with everyone.

Lori Snyder showcased her entire trunk of jewelry so we were all like kids in a candy store! Don't know Lori's work? She's one of the go-to jewelry designers for the one and only Lady Gaga! If you haven't seen any of Lori's pieces, here are a couple of shots to whet your whistle until you can get in! Don't waste any time because as soon as the pieces come in, they're out in a flash!

If you haven't stopped by our newest shop at Thruway, please do so soon! The new items we have in for Fall are amazing and we only carry 1 of each size. Don't need everyone looking the same in our fine town ;)

Fashion Fun!!

Angela & Staff

Friday, April 23, 2010

Who is Level 23?

Who is Level 23?

My husband and I have always wanted to open up a cool clothing store, we just never had the guts to do it, until finally one day we stopped thinking about and said let’s do it. The hardest part for me was coming up with a name, for Mike it was pretty easy. You see we worked in the same building where I was on the 2nd floor and he was on the 3rd – 23, get it? And we met for the first time on the elevator, but Level sounded a lot cooler. Sweet don't you think???

It has been a scary ride for us since this is a new adventure, a lot of unknowns, and we have a great family to support.

We have now been in business almost a year and we are very grateful to be doing something that we truly love. How can you not love dressing wonderful people and making them feel beautiful........