Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Splash of Red in a Sea of Grey

Yes.. we know. Grey is the big color of the season. It's been the big buzz all season long.

We like grey. We have nothing against grey. It goes with a lot of great pieces. But sometimes a girl just needs some color.

Like this... we LOVE these dresses.. one is as red can be and the other is blue. Both rock and would be amazing pieces for the upcoming holiday party season.

This red dress will stop traffic (isn't that what red does?). We paired it with the absolutely beautiful and GIANT white beaded necklace made by the one and only Lori Snyder!

Another beautiful choice for the season is this blue dress from Mimzi will leave them speechless. The way it hugs but drapes in the sleeves. It's almost poetic.

What's your favorite item for the holidays? Have a favorite piece and need some help putting things with it? Bring it in! We love to play dress up!

Angela and Staff

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